OK, so I couldn’t think of a creative name for this tip, but I wanted to share with you a tip for one way you can alter elements to best suit the needs of your layout.  Have you ever started working with a kit and thought, “That element is almost perfect, but….” and then wished you could ask the designer to alter it custom for you?  It turns out there are many different things you can do quick and easy on your own to make the element perfect for what you need.

For today’s post I’m going to focus on duplicating an element to make it bigger or longer for you page.  Take this arrow element from Rock On kit with Zoe.  I loved it, but wanted it to go all the way across the page.


Of course, one easy way is just to duplicate the layer. (In PSE it is “Layer – Duplicate Layer.”)  If you do that, then I’d recommend linking the layers once you spaced them correctly.  Then if you need to move or resize them, they will all stick together.


What I wanted to do, though, was not to have them in a repeating pattern.  To do this is a little more tricky, but still fairly easy.  First, I used the selection tool to copy and paste each of the arrows individually.  I was able to do this with the rectangle marquee tool.


If, however, pieces don’t fit into a nice neat rectangle, you can also use the polygon marquee tool.  With this tool, you clicl your mouse in one corner of the area you want to select.  Then move the mouse and click again, and move and click.  Each click will be a corner of whatever shape you need to make to select one piece of your element.


Then just copy and paste each part.  Move them around and duplicate them as many times as you like.  Note, that when you copy and paste you will need to re-add shadows to the new layer.  Again, I’d recommend linking all of your layers or even merging them once you get the look you want.


I loved how more free flowing this row was out of pattern.  🙂

By the way, here is the kit I got the element from: