Here is a quick idea to Make It Happen!


I googled free cupcake wrapper patterns. I downloaded a .png so that I could pull it up in Photoshop and then just merged some paper on to it.

Then I made some scallops and circles and merged some word art and some journal cards on to those to put together for pics.

This process is actually great for a last minute idea if you forgot to make something, or need to send something to school, or even to take to an event because you can literally whip up these cute decorations in Photoshop while the cupcakes cook, and who doesn’t like cupcakes?! I printed out twice as many circles as needed and used double sided tape to stick them together with a toothpick in between.


I did these for Valentine’s Day using Totally Smitten, but of course you could do this for any holiday, birthday, or just because reason. In fact, if you need something for tonight, you can throw together some St. Patrick’s Day ones right now! Enjoy!

Now… it is your turn! Go make it happen!


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