There are many kits in the digi-land that are totally boyish / girlish, that are seasonal (Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas…) or dedicated to certain hobby or sport (crafts, photography, baseball, bowling…).  However, I feel it would be a waste of my stash to get stuck only to that certain topic and not to use it for anything else!

Today I will show you how to turn a girly 4th July kit into a baby boyish-kit! I will guide you through my whole creative process

This is the photo I want to add into my photobook:


You can see there is a lot of blue color dominant. Another color that pops out is red.

I will use this kit by Shawna:

Miss Independent by Shawna Clingerman

After placing the photo, I have chosen a washed denim background:


I love paints and splatters. I picked up a blue bubble paint…


…but it did not look good, so I recolored it into white.


Then I started embellishing. This kit contains a lot of pretty buttons and, yeah, I love buttons! You can see I picked up mostly blue elements, however the red stitches in the buttons are nicely refreshing the overall image.


When it comes to strings, I love to put them into my clusters as they provide for dynamic look.


Just few more snaps and it is done! Yep!


Hope you enjoy!