Today I wanted to share with you some free advise on how to make your own fun and unique word art.  I love making word art.  It adds a great touch to a layout and it can be a fun embellishment on a card in a Project Life style page.  For this example, I’m going to add a quote about spring to one of Shawna’s 3×4 cards.

1. Your first step is to select the word art, quote, or title you want to use.

2. Type it on your card or layout, but break it up into multiple layers.  Let me show you what I mean.



I knew that I wanted the words spring, life, and beauty to be focus points that look different from the other words, so I made sure that I put each of those words in it’s own layers.  That means that my word art ended up with 7 layers.  You can see this in my layers palette.

2. Now you can adjust the size, font, color, and whatever else for each layer individually.  However, if you have some layers that you want to look the same, you can still adjust them together.  Just hold the ctrl (command on mac) key down and click on the layers you want the same in the layers palette.  Then change the font settings and all the layers selected will change together.



3. Then just arrange the layers until you get the look you like.



Here is my final card:



The card I used was from Life Basics – Photobooth Starter Set

And the fonts I used are:

Jaggy Fries

2Cute4U by Darcy Baldwin