Austria is one of my favorite countries I love to visit again and again. I am lucky to live in the neighborhood – it takes us just 15-20 minutes to cross the border and get to the nearest town, Hainburg and der Donau, about one hour to get to Vienna (either by train or car) and additional hour and half to get to a beautiful mountain pass called Semmering. It provides many possibilities for skiing in the winter and for hiking and trips in the summer. Me and my husband spent a perfect holiday there in August 2011. We made a trip to a different place each day and, of course, such holiday full of photos deserves a photobook, too. Go, me! :-p

Austria 2011 - photobook cover


This is the cover of the photobook. It uses a versatile white alpha pack by Shawna…

Alpha Stash: Essential White Pack by Shawna Clingerman


…and a superb versatile background pack as well!

Basic Backgrounds by Shawna Clingerman


We visited a lot of historic monuments, romantic castles, pretty small towns – as cute as a fairy-tale, beautiful mountain views. But we were not aware to suddenly encounter one of the Europe’s biggest Earth stations! While driving through a countryside of grasslands with grazing cattle and rustic houses with blooming geraniums in the region of Styria, suddenly we saw a group of big satellites. We left the car near and came to explore this mystery. We felt a bit confused as there was nobody and it seemed even abandoned for the first sight…




using Dream Dream Dream by Shawna Clingerman available at Sweet Shoppe Designs;

Dream Dream Dream by Shawna Clingerman


As we came closer, we found an exhibition about the history of the station and EUTELSAT satellite operator. It was left open there for visitors with no guide, so anybody could enter the premises and have a look. Only school groups can have a guided tour with detailed interpretation. Still, we did not feel comfortable to be there totally alone (Hi, James Bond, how are you?), but we took a lot of photos (my husband was especially attracted by all the tech stuff) and then slowly went back to the car. When we returned back to our hotel room we searched for the detailed history of the station in Wikipeadia.




using King of the World and King of the World – Add-On by Shawna Clingerman available at Sweet Shoppe Designs;

King of the World by Shawna Clingerman


King of the World - Add On by Shawna Clingerman


Hope you enjoy!