Hello everyone!  Judie (HeyJude) here to bring you tip to make more of your digital stash.  Do you love journal cards?  I see lots of digital hands raised (including mine).  Journaling cards are all the rave with pocket scrappers (both digital and hybrid), but I have you ever thought about all the other ways journal cards can add to your page designs?

Of course, they can be used individually to title your layout, or layered in with other elements in a cluster – as I used them on these pages:


Created with Totally Smitten by Shawna Clingerman and Kristin Cronin-Barrow


Created with Roar! by Shawna Clingerman


You can also use journal cards to create a scattered background for your page.  This is a great way to use those journal card collections (like Shawna’s Life Basics: Hello Life Starter Set or her Mix ‘n’ Match Journal Bundles), or the coordinating journal cards that come in many digital kits now.


Created with Boy Wonder, Mix ‘n Match Journals 9 and 12 by Shawna Clingerman
Leaves from Roar! by Shawna Clingerman

Here are a couple of tips for creating a scattered journal card background.

1.  Start with a blank background and place the cards randomly around the page.  Play with moving them up and down in the layers panel and setting them at different angles.  Just go with the process – don’t spend too much time thinking about placement – after all, it’s supposed to look random, not planned.

2.  Once you are happy with the arrangement, you can leave it as is for a flattened scrapbook paper look (i.e. without shadows); or you can place very small shadows on the cards for a more realistic scattered card look.  I chose to shadow the cards on my background.

3.  This technique will create a pretty “busy” background, so you will probably want to do something to frame out your design area.  I used several painted brushes to create some separation between the background and my design cluster.  (If you want some tips on how to make brushes look more realistic when they are used on stacked layers, check out Christy’s blog post HERE.)  If you don’t want to play with brushes, you could layer some solid papers on top of the cards to create your design canvas.

4.  If you want a cleaner background to work on, consider layering journal cards around the edges of the page to create a “frame” for your design.

I hope this post has inspired you to think about creative re-purposing of all those awesome journal cards!

Until next time ~