What if you could proudly call yourself yourself an artist and…

attract people who love you and & your work?

be true to yourself & share your work proudly?

feel comfortable in your “skin” as a creative?

actually feel confident about work you create?

What if you didn’t need anyone’s permission to have all those things AND could even generate an income doing the work you love?!

I remember it SO clearly, 5-10-15 years ago, I wanted SO MUCH to be one of those people who made the things that people wanted to buy.

I loved to create, I understood HOW to create… but what I didn’t understand was what *I* was missing… Why did I feel less than, why did I feel overlooked and ignored? Why wasn’t my work enough?

It took me more than 10 years to learn what I’m going to show you in a matter of weeks:

How to own what you do best AND what you want to do more of.

How to present yourself as someone worth paying attention to.

How to claim exactly who YOU are as an artist.

PLUS How to work towards the business and/or the creative freedom you have been dreaming of.

Helping you turn your what ifs into reality is exactly why I created this workshop!

During our 8-week online workshop, I am going to hold your hand and walk you through the steps I took to find my confidence as an artist.

I am going to be to be your biggest cheerleader, your advocate, and I am going to answer ALL of your questions.

We’ll create a space for guidance, accountability, and feedback. Through Fearless Art you will nurture your talents, embrace your confidence, and start growing as an artist for REALS.

You had me at Fearless Art! I’m ready to sign up!

Fearless Art Workshop Details

This workshop will consist of 4 themed phases. We’ll spend two weeks on each theme; the first week is all about taking action and the second week brings it all home with the inner “heart-work”.

WEEKS 1 & 2

Take the first steps toward getting comfortable in your skin as a creative – we will be trying new things, working on our “permission slips” and examining what has been holding us back from doing the things we love.

WEEKS 3 & 4

Next we’ll look at defining the areas where we really shine individually. So that you can and really nurture and grow your passion + strengths.

WEEKS 5 & 6

These weeks are all about honing in on what makes you special and how you can embrace those magical skills and OWN them. We’ll uncover what makes you YOU as an artist AND as a human.

WEEKS 7 & 8

You are AMAZING – at this point you KNOW IT (SERIOUSLY!)! It’s time to stop thinking small and start dreaming bigger. These are weeks of owning it, of claiming it, AND of getting after it! 

What’s Included

This isn’t a typical online course; this personal and interactive workshop is about YOU, packed with support, and super cozy with only 2 groups of 25 seats each

8 Weekly Lessons & assignments

all designed to build confidence and clarity as an artist and designer. 

8 Weeks of consistent guidance + accountability

guidance and feedback from someone who has been there, done that, and who knows what it takes to be a professional artist.

Access to OUR ever growing TUtorial vault 

this workshop comes with a wide variety of tutorials on art and illustration – you will have access to the existing library of over 40+ tutorials. PLUS if you want a lesson on something I haven’t covered yet, I’ll create it and add it in just for you! Access to the Tutorial Vault will be yours through the end of 2021.

1-on-1 video calls with Shawna

in our first call we’ll talk about where you’re at and what your goals and vision are, so that I can tailor the program to work for YOU. For our VIP level students there will also be 2 additional calls where we will check in, problem solve together and hold space for you as you work towards your dreams!

Weekly group video calls

during each week of our journey we’ll meet on video chat as a group, where we’ll talk about our current struggles, growth and ask any questions we have. Then we can CHEER each other on! We will hold 2 cohorts with different call times during this cycle of Fearless Art – that way we can schedule you for a time slot that meets your needs!

A Private Facebook Group

all of our 2021 Fearless Art students will be together in one special private Facebook Group! This is where we get to talk about how each lesson applies to YOU specifically. You can use this space to connect, encourage each other along the way, and ask Shawna all of your questions questions. 


Fearless Art is filled to the brim with the the kind of content you will want to access over and over. That is why when you register for Fearless Art, you will be given access to every lesson in the Fearless Art workshop for LIFE!

the Fearless Art Alumni Group!

you’ll also have a lifelong membership to the Fearless Art Alumni Group where you can get support from Shawna, connect, network and encourage each other for the long haul.


The opportunity to join Fearless co!

as a Fearless Art Alumni you will have the exclusive opportunity to join our special, low cost mentoring, planning, and support group: Fearless Co! Fearless Co members have weekly events to connect and plan and to continue to take advantage of Shawna as a mentor and a coach!


Bonus classes from industry experts!

my friends in the industry have been such a huge asset to me as I’ve built my career! That is why I wanted to be sure to pull them in to share some extra bonus material with you! Learn from my own coaches about goal setting, the enneagram, mindset strategies and MORE.

Real life swag

I want to be your biggest cheerleader! You’ll definitely be getting some happy mail along your journey!  YOU deserve to feel special, to feel loved, to know just how much you matter in this world! I can’t wait to make sure you know it!

First Dibs + Discounts

all of my Fearless Art students and alumni will get first dibs on any future courses and coaching opportunities with Shawna. PLUS exclusive discounts on Shawna’s courses and products moving forward! 💖

Want even more??? Upgrade to a VIP membership and receive access to the following extras:

Anytime Direct access to Shawna

Take advantage of her 12 plus years of experience as an artist and cut through the indecision and frustration that might be holding you back. Fearless Art VIP’s can contact Shawna at ANY TIME via email, or use one of our special video or voice-only walkie-talkie apps! Literally keep Shawna in your pocket during our time together.

three 1 on 1 coaching Calls with shawna

as a Fearless Art VIP your single 45 minute call will be upgraded to three 60 minute coaching calls with Shawna! We will schedule these in a way to best support your fearless journey and use our time together for mentoring, goal setting, and coaching on what YOU need help with most.


every Fearless Art member will be assigned a “community” for their weekly calls – but if you are the type of person who wants to attend it all, this option will allow you to join in on both calls each week if you choose. Get to know your fellow fearless friends on a deeper level with this fun option!

extra vip bonus swag

VIP members! You can expect a little extra something in your swag package as well!!!

If you wonder how to make your art more from your heart, this is the course for you. Whether you’re making money from your craft or just creating for the love of it, Shawna has systems and deep searches into what you believe and how to live it out. Fearless Art changed me, and my business, and the way I create, for good.

Chere HIle

All I can say is if you can make it work DO IT!! Fearless Art is life-changing! I know that sounds extreme but from the steps, Shawna takes us through to the community you bond with it is an amazing experience that honestly can help you in so many areas in life. I am so happy I finally took the plung You won’t regret signing up!

Becca Bonneville

Shawna has this way of bringing out the best in everyone! When I joined I had no idea how or what I wanted to accomplish, but I knew I wanted to return to crafting with a defined non-negotiable purpose and mission! Through Fearless Art I learned sooooo much about myself and how to take ownership of my goals! Since Fearless Art, I’ve maintained my goals & met some of my dream goals! This program is invaluable!

Tiffany Johnson

The doors to Fearless Art are OPEN!!!

This only happens once a year, and session after session Fearless Art has completely sold out!!! Don't miss your chance to start getting fearless TODAY!

Join us for Fearless Art for only:

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This bonus from our previous sessions of Fearless Art have been SUCH a success that I’m bringing it back for another round! 

  • Take advantage of our 2 EXTRA Fearless Finish WEEKS! Because it is SO important to me that you finish strong, these two bonus weeks were designed to give you extra time to really complete everything in Fearless Art! These weeks will include the same level of coaching and support that you have come to expect through out the program – PLUS I’ll help you set some goals and decide what you want to focus on next!









Fearless Art is a Joyful injection of LOVE, Learning: Art & Personal Development and of course Laughter! Shawna has truly thought of everything! The weekly themes & worksheets are perfectly paced to walk you through her Fearless process! Shawna is so attentive. You will learn so much about yourself, your goals, your motivations, how you manage time (or don’t), Art techniques… I mean I need a manual to list off all that she offers!!  I thrived on the accountability, the incredible community (beyond amazing!) and all of the personal and artistic development! You will NEVER BE THE SAME!! Fearless Art is Priceless!! If you are on the fence, remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Lisa Standler

Fearless Art will always be one of my favorite activities/personal development/ creative pursuits that I’ve done! Shawna’s lessons are designed in a way to be both fun and challenging at the same time. She will keep you on track, but also encourage you to work at your pace. No pressure. You will leave Fearless Art feeling more confident in your art and who you are as a creative. Highly recommended!!!

Rachel Parry

Looking for a lower-pressure option? Consider our “Distance Learning” registration level:

Designed to accommodate those members who are international, and/or those who would rather take a self-guided Fearless Art Approach. The Distance Learning Level will give you access to following pieces of our Fearless Art Program:


  • Lifetime access to all 8 Fearless Art video lessons, worksheets, and bonus lessons.  To help you get to the heart of who you are as an artist and how that translates into creating art that YOU feel confident about!
  • An all-access pass to our ever-growing TUTORIAL VAULT through the end of 2021with the option to subscribe after that!
  • Lifetime membership to our special Fearless ALUMNI Community. Including our private Facebook group, and all of the rest of the benefits that come with your Fearless Alumni Status (see above).
  • Plus, optional membership to our private Fearless Art Facebook community for the current round – if you want to have a little taste of the community without committing to the full call schedule.

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To register for Fearless Art distance learning with 10 payments of $59 

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To register for for Fearless ART distance learning with 1 payment of $550

Please note – the distance learning experience includes ONLY the assets listed above – for a full Fearless Art experience please register using the Fearless Art Community or VIP membership using the main checkout buttons….

Are you ready for the complete Fearless Art experience?

Final Thoughts

I know that there is nothing harder than spending money on your self and on your art, especially when you are feeling vulnerable and unsure!


There are a few things I know for sure from experience that I would love to share with you:

Every time I invest in my creativity, it pays for itself

because when you send the message to your heart that it matters – matters enough even to invest in, your heart grows and you reach new levels of confidence and capability. Every. Single. Time.

Past students have said it over and over: "Fearless Art is worth every penny"

You deserve to feel GOOD about your work, you deserve confidence, and your creativity deserves to be nurtured and supported.

The things I am teaching in this workshop are the things that took me a DOZEN PLUS YEARS to learn

I don’t want you or anyone else to have to suffer that long road – my vision for you is that you can reach your dreams much much sooner. A life of living and working with heart, and achieving your version of success is right out there, on the other side of confidence.

Let's Chat!

I understand the importance of this decision, so why don't we schedule a time to talk it out??? If you've got questions about whether Fearless Art is right for you, I've got you! I have time set aside in my calendar especially to chat with YOU! Use the button below to schedule a call so we can talk it out!

I was super nervous about Fearless Art, and the investment was a big one for me... but, wow! The things I walked away with were just so impactful. Confidence, excitement, drive to try some creative endeavors that had always seemed too out of reach to even talk about! I find myself going back to my Fearless Art Roots whenever I start to feel discouraged or like I'm hitting a brick wall.

I'm SO thankful I took the leap and invested in myself by taking Fearless Art . Thank YOU Shawna!!!

Elisa Lessard