If you have children or pets (or even both), you certainly know how hard it is to capture a good photo of them. They are always in motion and hardly strike a pose. How cool is that we have digital cameras nowadays! You can erase all the bad shots and pick only the good ones.

Recently I was trying to capture my toddler, playing with a big fabric clown hanging on the wall. I kept the shutter pressed for a continuous shot, however, the external flash needs a break, too. When my son noticed I was taking pictures of him, he turned around and ran towards me. For the last couple of pictures the flash did not fire and all that I got was a big black nothing.

Lightroom4 - big black nothing

Fortunately, I shoot always into RAW file format and Lightroom can make miracles. Just by pressing the Auto Tone button I could see such a cute face expression of my boy! Awww… that photo was worth another rescuing!

Lightroom4 Auto Tone

This is something only RAW format enables. You would never be able to get this from a JPEG image that was shot black. As you can see in the develop settings, I already reached the most exposure adding, i.e. + 10. I could not get higher in Lightroom, but I still wanted to process the photo more. So I exported it as a JPEG and opened it in Photoshop, where I run two actions – “Spellbound” and “Pure Sugar BW” from Paint the Moon’s “Fresh Wonderland 2” pack over it.

BW photo

Now that I was happy with the overall look of the photo, it was time to scrap it! I used All The Little Things digital scrapbooking kit by Shawna Clingerman.

All The Little Things by Shawna Clingerman

And this is the finished page!



Hope you like it! Don’t forget to check another kits that would work perfectly with such technique!

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Captured: Memories by Shawna Clingerman