Ah, spring time! It is finally here! After such a long winter, most of us are ready for the season of change. We are ready to get outside and be active. We look forward to spring holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day. And, there are those of us who are planning for proms, graduations, summer vacations… But, wait? Where has all the time gone?

Undoubtedly this spring, many of us will scrapbook our children hunting easter eggs and romping on the playground in the sunshine. We will also scrapbook the big events in our lives like our son’s first soccer game, or our daughter’s last prom. And in the hustle and bustle of all of these milestones and special events, we often forget to scrapbook the little things that lead up to those special moments in our lives.

But, how do you scrapbook those little moments in a meaningful and fun way? Certainly, you could make a “list” or “favorites” page. I love list pages! But, if you want to take your creativity even a step further – consider conducting an interview with someone special in your life and turning that interview into a super fun scrapbook page! Imagine how fun it will be for you and your loved ones to look back of these little “time capsules” that not only reveal a lot about the person you are interviewing, but about how we lived, laughed, and loved along the way.

20 Questions by Shawna Clingerman

Shawna’s kit, “20 Questions” is a perfect launching point for your interview – and your scrapbook page! The kit even contains some cute element tags with ideas to help you get started conducting your first interview! From there, the sky is the limit! You can taylor your questions to fit the subject and theme of your page. For example, ask your graduating senior about his or her favorite memories from their last year’s of high school. Ask your child what they most look forward to now that summer vacation is in sight! But, you don’t have to limit your investigations to just your children. Ask your parents about how some of your Easter traditions and how they came to be, or ask your friends about some of their favorite things about the season in general.

My son is finishing his first year of preschool in just a few weeks. He is growing so fast that the clothes he received just a few months ago at Christmas, he is already outgrowing! He is certainly going through phases of things he likes and dislikes. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with how quickly he is changing – and growing up – right before our eyes! I decided to interview him the other night while we were hanging out in his new “big boy bed.” I jotted down his responses to my questions, and created this scrapbook page.

 photo Interview-BlogPost-600x600.jpg

So often when we are scrapbooking, we create pages that center around our own stories and perspectives. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but seeing this interview page with my son in my scrapbook – in which I have captured some of his own words and thoughts – always makes me smile. I am sure this page will remind me of him at age four when he is transitioning into high school, going to his first prom, and graduating from high school…which I am sure will all happen in the blink of an eye!