I love playing around with photos.  Part of my journey as a scrapbooker has been working to improve my photos so they just pop off the page and grab you.  Some of this work has been learning to take better photos in the first place, but some of it has been learning how to enhance photos afterwards.  Today I wanted to share with you how to make a photo black and white with a pop of color.  I found a bunch of good tutorials for you guys online.  I wanted to link you up to a couple of different ones because I find that different people connect best with different methods or ways of explaining things.

Basically, you need to first duplicate your picture onto two layers and turn one of the layers to black and white.  Here are two tutorials I found at Sweet Shoppe about making your photos black and white.  You could also just use your favorite black and white action.

Black and White Matte Photos by Tronesia

Better Black and Whites by Janet Phillips

The second step is to erase part of the photo so that you can see some color popping out of the black and white.  Simply put, if your black and white photo layer is on top you can simply erase part of the layer using an eraser tool so the bottom layer shows through.  However, if you know or want to learn how to use layer masks this is the better way to go.  This method doesn’t actually erase part of the layer, but creates the illusion of it.  Here are some tutorials that can walk you through this process.

How to Partially Color a B&W Photo by Kim DeSmet

Photoshop Tutorial: Colour Popping from ePHOTOzine

Video: Elements Tutorial: How to Use the Partial Color Effect from About.com

I even found a tutorial on creating this effect in Lightroom.  I don’t actually have Lightroom so I don’t know how accurate the tutorial is, but I thought I put it out there in case it would help you.

Colour Pop Technique in Lightroom


So what did I do with this?  Check it out:


This is my daughter with her birthday crown from school.  She was so proud of it and loved the attention it brought her.  I got a couple of photos on my phone that day.  I didn’t love the photos that much but I loved her spirit that popped through them.  So I decided to make the photos black and white and pull the attention to her precious birthday crown.  And I couldn’t wait to use the black and white Dare 2 Be papers from Shawna to scrap the pics:


To emphasize the color pop I also used one card and one element from the Bundle.