I decided to do a little bit of decorationg for Valentine’s and made this super sweet banner using a silhouette file and Totally smitten by Shawna ans Kristin.


The print and cut feature is so much fun! Sometimes you end up with it being just a little bit off though. Not by more than a millimeter or even less, but that white edge drives me crazy, so here’s how I deal with it.

I open my file and turn on registration marks.


I add a small offset. Here I chose 1.5 mm.


I move the original shape to the side.


I open the folder with the paper I want to use and drag it onto my surface.


I resize the paper untill the pattern is the size I want it to be. Send the paper to the back ad place it behind the offset.


Select both the offset and the paper (holding the SHIFT key). Go to MODIFY and click CROP. Then place the original shape on top of the patterned offset.


Now I don’t have to worry about having any white edges even if the cut is slightly off. And even if there are a few steps to this, it is super quick to do.

For this banner I decided to add a backing. I just duplicated the banner and, again, added a small offset, to cut in white cardstock.


I only kept the offset for the backing layer. So one patterned layer, one white backing and a letter was what I cut for each part of the banner.


If you have the designer edition of Silhouette studio, you can add pattened papers to the pattern folder in your library and access it from there. I don’t have DE, so this is my way around that.