In our modern world, everything seems to happen in an instant. We get instant messages, can instantly provide feedback or a reply for something we see or read on the internet, and we can instantly buy a product or even order dinner with a few clicks of a button. But, they also say we are only here for an instant. And, sometimes, we get so caught up in all our modern technology and convenience, that we forget to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Remember what it was like to go to the mailbox and receive a personal letter? I remember exchanging short letters with my friends over summer break from school, and receiving hand-written notes in holiday cards. And, let’s be honest: more than just a few of us have some of those hand-written correspondences tucked away in a shoe box or a drawer somewhere. They are just simply little treasures you don’t want to ever let go of. I admit, although I used to love writing letters, I am guilty of sending emails instead of sitting down with pen and paper, and I am just as likely to send a .jpeg of our family photo than actually printing them and mailing them away as a holiday card. But, every now and then, I like to sit down and write a letter – hybrid style.

I love that being a digital scrapbooker allows me to combine two of my most favorite things: scrapbooking and letter writing in such a meaningful and creative way. Most of the letters I write are addressed to my son. He is only four, and I know many of my thoughts and feelings towards him he is not yet old enough to understand. I hope that someday he will look back on the letters I’ve “secretly” written to him (and tucked away in the odd pages of his scrapbooks!) and he’ll be able to know and appreciate not only the sacrifices and choices I made as his mother, but also how having him in my life influenced who I am. Writing to him also helps me to understand my own deepest thoughts and feelings, as well as helping me better address the crazy – sometimes “instantly!” overwhelming – world we live in.

Here is an example of a letter I recently wrote to my son.

 photo LVLetter600x600.jpg

I have used one of Cindy Schneider’s wonderful journaling templates to get me started, and I have embellished my letter using Shawna’s beautiful kit, “The Good Stuff.”

Besides Shawna’s wonderful kit that I’ve chosen to help express myself, I have also used my own custom hand writing font created by Darcy Baldwin to make this letter even more “me.” Though any font will do, I really like this special personal touch (and how neatly and evenly spaced my hand-writing looks – not smudged as I am a lefty! – on unlined paper!) In short, the letter is about my decision to travel with my son. A lot of people do not understand why I choose to make traveling with my son a priority, so I wrote this letter as much for my son as I did for all the people who have a difference of opinion. But, really, the letter you write can be about any old thing! The important part is that you take a few moments to jot down your thoughts on a deeper and more meaningful level than a text message box could ever provide room for!

Think of the possibilities for your letter! You could print it out and send to a friend, or simply print it out and tuck it away in your shoebox for another day. Imagine how much your loved ones will appreciate receiving your “gifts” in the mail – or beautifully displayed in their scrapbooks long after the memory – or the moment – has passed!