Hello everyone!  Judie here to bring you a quick tip this week about recoloring elements.  Have you all seen Shawna’s new A Little Bit of This element sets?  They’re so fabulous!


What if you wanted to use the #EVERYDAY strip, but you really need it in yellow (similar to #BELIEVEIT strip)?  No worries – you can recolor the #EVERYDAY strip with just a few clicks in Photoshop (or PSE).

Here is how you do it:

1.  Bring both tags onto the page (the one with the phrase you want to use, and the one with the color you want to use).

2.  Select the Magic Wand tool, making sure the “Contiguous” box is NOT checked.  Now click on the portion of the tag you want to recolor.  You should see marching ants surrounding all the blue parts of the tag.  If the magic wand doesn’t select all the blue areas (or selects too much), you might need to play with the Tolerance setting.  If the magic wand tool is selecting too much, adjust the number down; if it does not select enough, adjust the number up.  For these tags, a  Tolerance of 32 was perfect.


3.  Click Ctrl/Cmd J to copy the blue selection onto a new layer.

4.  Click on the new layer and add a Solid Color fill layer.  This will bring up a dialogue box where you can use the eyedropper tool to pick a new color.  Use the eyedropper to click on the yellow part of the #believeit tag (or whatever color you want to use) and click OK.



5.  Now clip the color fill layer to the extraction layer you created in Step 2 by pressing the alt key, hovering your mouse between the two layers until you see a square icon with a bent arrow and then left click on your mouse.Screenshot-4And that is it!  Now you have a brand new recolored tag in exactly the color you want.  If you want to experiment with different colors, all you need to do is double click on the color fill layer and it will bring the eyedropper tool back up so you can choose a new color.

I hope this quick tip helps the next time you are looking for the perfectly colored element!

Until next time ~