Hi everyone.  I know that some of you are enjoying warm and sunny weather, but for me right now we are having snow, snow, and more snow.  In Michigan we blew past our normal snow fall totals for the year a couple of weeks ago and it is still coming.  When I sat down to scrap some of my snow pictures, I noticed that many of them had a grey or blue tint to them.  Do you ever get this?  Well I did some research and I wanted to link you up to some of what I found.

First, let’s start with the reason for the grey or blue tint to photos.  Apparently the camera gets tricked by all of the white and tries to alter things to the way it thinks they should look.  It turns out that one way you can fix this is to overexpose your photos as you take them.  Here are a couple of good sites to help explain this:

This article specifically looks at the blue tint and how you can avoid it, while this video talks about grey snow photos.

However, if you find yourself in my shoes, it is already too late to preemptively fix the problem – the photos are already taken.  So here are some tips for fixing the effect after the fact:

If you like watching videos, this one was a quick and easy way to use levels to fix the grey snow.

This article used the same technique if you’d prefer to read about it.

And here is a great tip for how to use a remove color cast tool to get blue snow back to white again.

Finally, while I was reading about all of this I came across this fun article that gives a whole bunch of practical tips for taking snow photos that I couldn’t resist passing on.  I loved her ideas for using snow as a backdrop for portrait photography and for getting close ups of the actual snow flakes.

Using my new found knowledge, I went to process some of my snow pictures.  The pattern that worked best for me was to first use the “Remove Color Cast” to get rid of the blue.  Then to use the Levels trick to whiten the grey.  And finally to move both the brightness and contrast sliders up a bit to make the photos pop.  Here is a shot of one of my before and afters.



I couldn’t wait to scrap with these great photos:


I love how it turned out and I had so much fun playing with this kit again.


I hope you have fun reading and watching some of the links I gave you.  Enjoy!