Hello.  Today I wanted to share a quick tip with you.  Have you seen Shawna’s new Weave Me a Rainbow kit?  I love, love the bright colors and I especially fell in the love the with multicolored “Rainbow” word art.  Do you see it in the middle of the preview?

So my tip today is 3 ways you can create a multi-colored word art like that one on  your own.

1. First up – use a fun alpha.  Did you know that you get an alpha free with the purchase of this kit?



2. Second idea – Color your font.  An alpha with the perfect colors might not always be available, especially if you are using a kit without a coordinating alpha.  In that case you can type out a word using a fun, chunky alpha.  I used This Font is Bold by Darcy Baldwin.  Then with the font tool selected, click and drag over one letter to highlight it and then change the color in the font tools.


Do this separately for each letter.



3. Third method – Use papers from the kit.  If you want to add more texture or shading to the letters rather than a solid color, you can use papers from the kit you are using to scrap.  Type out the word, but this time, put each letter in it’s own layer.  Then put a paper over each letter and clip it to the layer below.



Of course, to all three methods you can also add shadows.



Thanks for reading along.  I hope these ideas help spur on your scrapbooking!