Welcome to Tidbit Tuesday!  This week I have a quick tip for converting stickers to stamps.  Have you ever loved the word art or image on a sticker element, but wished it also came in a stamp or brush format?  Well, there is is an easy fix for converting sticker type elements to stamps.  There are a couple of limitations to this method, but if you have the right combination of word art and background paper colors it works like a charm. 🙂

Here is an example of the technique using a word art tag from Shawna’s Signs of Spring kit:


All it took was one adjustment to convert the word art tag to a stamp: Set the layer blend mode to “Darken.”  That’s it – I promise!  Here is a screen shot if you’re not sure where to find the Darken mode:


Now for the limitations.  For this technique to work, the text or image must be darker than the background paper, and the element background must be fairly light.  For example, the technique wouldn’t work on the tag above if the background was dark blue or black.  Since Darken is a blend mode, it also won’t work on a pure white background.

However, if you have light colored text or images on a dark element background and a dark background paper, you can convert the sticker element to a stamp by using the “Lighten” blend mode.  Here is an example:


Just remember two general rules: (1) Darken works to eliminate a light element background. while Lighten works to eliminate a dark element background; and (2) Match the lightness or darkness of the element background to the layout background paper.

I hope you have fun playing with this technique!

Until next time ~
Judie (HeyJude)