Here is my tidbit of helpful scrapping information… keep your eyes open!

Now I know that sounds simple … or maybe confusing, but let me explain. Keep your eyes open for inspiration everywhere! I have been striving to use less templates lately, not because there is anything wrong with them but because I want my own creative voice to be more prominent in my own scrapping instead of the voice of others.

Certain things just jump out at me. It could be a color, a certain pattern, a composition…

So, keep your eyes open! Here is where I recently found inspiration, this is just a stock image, but the overlapping squares really appealed to me.

stock-photo-abstract-geometric-shape-from-gray-cubes-115307821Here is where I went with that inspiration:


In making this layout I used Shawna’s beautiful kit, Creative Bliss, which is exactly what I had while making this layout.


So, keep your eyes open! You never know where you might spot a bit of creative inspiration!