In my country there is a funny idiom being used to express something fitting / matching perfectly: “It fits as a butt on the potty.” 🙂

When I want to scrap, depending on my mood and mojo, I generally have two ways to start:

  • I pick up the photos first and then I search for the best kit for them (let’s compare it to finding the best potty for your butt, yeah)
  • I have a kit (mostly when I do CT layouts, but somethimes I am in the mood for a certain style or color scheme) and then I search for the fitting photos in my collection (finding a butt fitting a certain potty the best)

For today’s post I strongly wanted to showcase you this beautiful Shawna’s kit:

The Good Stuff by Shawna Clingerman

It was love for the first sight when Shawna released it a few weeks ago, but I did not have the right opportunity to use it until now. I told myself: “Now or never!”

I opened Lightroom and randomly chose a month of 2013. For such search, I use CTRL + (-) to zoom out the previews so I can see a lot of picture once.


I was scrolling and scrolling… and suddently I found them! They were pictures from a little session on the bed, on a blue background (a blanket from IKEA) with my boy dressed like a little gentleman!


I picked up three photos to use on a double-spread and did a little enhancement on the eyes. I always love to have eyes sharpened and brightened.

When I do my photobooks, I always place the big photo first and then add the background paper.


I chose the plaid background as plaids are elegant and typical for gentlemen, too. However, I felt it is too dark for the photo (even though the shade of teal was good, so no need to do the hue thing), so I adjusted brightness and contrast a bit.


And now my favourite part – embellishing!


And the final spread!


‘Till next time!




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