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Are you looking for a little bit of support? Are you running into a specific roadblock that you would like a little help mapping out? Can I support you as you continue growing your skills?? 

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As a Fearless Art Alumni, I have a special offer for only you!

You can reserve one hour of my time, for a special one on one call, for only $95! (a 55 dollar discount from my regular price!)

This is a thank you offer, intended especially for those of you who have already participated in Fearless Art!

To sign up, simply click the link below to be directed to a sign up page, and then from there you will be directed to a page where you can click to pay for your call!

Want more results & an even better price??

Because you are a Fearless Art Alumni, you can save even more on my multiple session packages!

Scheduled Coaching Options:

The beauty of meeting on a regular schedule is that we can set goals and create some accountability! I can be your guide as we work towards your dreams, and we can take advantage of a system of checking in on a regular basis to move forward in a tangible, timely fashion!

Each scheduled coaching option is set up for a 3 month commitment.

1 Time a Month

Let’s meet for one hour, once each month.

(Total savings: $45)

2 Times a Month

Let’s meet for one hour, twice a month.

(Total savings: $120)


Let’s meet for one hour, each and every week.

(Total savings: $455)

Bundled Session Packages:

If you aren’t sure how often you would like to meet, but you still would like to take advantage of a discount for signing up for more than one session at a time, feel free to chose from the following options. The beauty of these packages is that we can work together on an as-needed basis, whenever you need it the most!

You can use bundled sessions at any time 1 calendar year from your purchase date.

4 Sesssion Bundle

Save $60 when you purchase four sessions today

6 Sesssion Bundle

Save $120 when you purchase six sessions today

8 Sesssion Bundle

Save $210 when you purchase eight sessions today

12 Sesssion Bundle

Save $415 when you purchase eight sessions today

Not quite sure what you're looking for?

Let’s schedule a quick 20-minute call to talk about it! I’m here to help you figure out what you need and help connect you to the resources that will serve you best!