Hi there! I’m Shawna ❤

I am a professional artist and creativity coach who helps Artists (and the more timid artist at heart) find creative confidence through my signature program Fearless Art.

I’ve spent over a decade working in the art industry – seeing my designs produced with big companies like: Becky Higgins, American Crafts, Photo Play Paper, Illustrated Faith, Catherine Pooler Designs, Paper House Productions, and MORE. Today, you can find my designs on the shelves of craft stores across the country.

Even though I LOVE my design work and always reserve time to create for the companies I love; my number one passion is teaching you how to get comfortable in your skin as an artist so that you can attract people who love YOU and your work. I want YOU to feel confident in the work you do. I want to show you how to embrace who you are as an artist, and elevate what YOU DO BEST, so that you can be true to yourself and proudly share your work.

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All about Surrender

Every year I choose a word of the year, it is one of things that helps me define my year. It is how I focus growing and evolving and becoming the person I want to be. The past five years of words have had SUCH a huge impact on me, that I knew I needed to find the...

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Hello Friend! I'm Shawna and I am SUPER passionate about encouraging fellow creative souls like YOU ❤   I want to help you: Get brave and start creating the art you've been dreaming of! Discover and embrace who YOU are as an artist. AND to put that work out there...

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