One of my goals for 2014 (and every other year for that matter!) is to love myself more and judge myself less – I’m sure that is a theme that rings true with people everywhere! Why is it that we are always the hardest on ourselves??

Well we are doing something over at the Sweet Shoppe this year called “Project Me: 1 year, 52 Self Portraits” and I’ve been trying to play along.  Basically, the goal is to take 1 selfie a week so that at the end of the year we have 52 photos of our own selves – it is always a challenge to get out from behind the camera, and so I’m trying to make it happen this year for reals.  One of our designers started a group for us even on facebook with weekly prompts to help us mix it up and not end up with 52 exact selfie headshots LOL.

Selfies are totally the rage right now – so it is a bit easier to get on the bandwagon – also, I’m uber jealous of all the people who have 52 photos from 2013 – it is super cool to see them all tiled up in a row, It def. inspires me to make  it happen.

Anyway, I thought I’d use this all about me Wednesday to share my photos so far – I haven’t entirely kept up and I’m behind a few weeks, but I have been known to fudge a few and use a few pictures from the same week – I can’t obsess too much or I’ll totally give up! The idea is to end up with 52 self portraits and to get out of my comfort zone a little, all the while loving my self! So here we have it – 2014 Project Me so far:


As you can see, I am apparently really in to wearing dark blue right now! Somewhere in the middle there I was in a bit of a rut – oops! Also, you might notice a few of them I snuck some of my boy-people into, it takes a bit of pressure off the whole “ALL about me” deal if I have an occasional week where I just add someone I love (I mean, someone besides myself of course! LOL ;))

There are 2 prompts I need to catch up on, one is to use light or sun flairs, but I’m not really quite sure HOW to do that exactly, so I guess I have a little bit of research to do there – the next one is an express yourself one, so I am waiting for the perfect mood to strike…

One thing I’ve been doing that has made this a bit more fun for me, is to let myself play with filters and photo processing a little bit in light room. Sometimes a photo of myself seems a whole lot less intimidating when I de-saturate it or do something completely crazy! You might have noticed the “red” challenge photo up there where I went WAY overboard!

Anyone else out their on the selfie bandwagon?? I sure would love to have you play along with us in the forums at Sweet Shoppe Designs or request to join our group on Facebook. It is only 15% horrifying looking though a zillion photos of yourself to pick the best (yes, I do snap about 200 photos each time to find that one that I’m the most happy with LOL), the other 85% is sorta fun, and dare I say therapeutic! At 33 years old, it is about time I get comfortable with looking at my own face!

If you have any selfie tips I’d love to hear those too – what do you do that makes you love yourself just a little more when you are on the other side of the camera? (PS – If you missed it, HERE is a fun post from my team member Judie about a creative way to do selfies!)