SO! You may or may not have seen me freaking out on Social Media because it is ALMOST time to start my 2019 version of the Handlettered Word of the Year Project!

Maybe you were with me last year and saw all the fun, and maybe you didn’t… but I thought I’d take this little space to explain how it works before we dive in (um, and spoiler alert: we dive in NEXT WEEK!)
Please bear with me as I explain because the more excited I get, the wordier I get, it is just kinda Shawna thing… 😃😉
So last year a brilliant business friend of mine messaged me the most awesome exciting idea EVER. Both her and I, (and like a zillion other people out there) are really into the concept of choosing a “Word of the Year”. People do this for their business, for personal growth, I even have a friend that chooses a word for her entire family each year. 
Personally, I am on year 4 of choosing a word of the year: Begin (2015), Bloom (2016), Embrace (2017), and then 2018 was Fearless. I can’t wait to share my Word of the Year journey with you, because there is so much more to say – it has really been so powerful!  I’m not overstating things when I say that every year this has been a really life-changing practice for me. The practice of focusing on each of those words brought me to – well, RIGHT NOW! I still carry with me the things I learned each year… it is a beautiful thing.
The Handlettered Word of the Year Project is all about the power of choosing these incredible words! Here, my friends is how it works:
  • Every day, I will share a video on social media of myself hand-lettering someone’s word of the year.
  • You all get the opportunity to be involved because I’m looking for your words and (now this is the most important part) YOUR STORIES.
  • If I choose your word/story I will post a video of myself lettering your word for you, and share your story (with a tag of course!)
  • Every word I letter will then be available in my Etsy Shop as an instant printable download, but you can also get it made into a mug or a notebook or a foil print!
  • If I choose your word, I’ll also send you a coupon so you can get the digital download of your word at 50% off 🙂
What I love most about this project, it is that is an opportunity to do what I love the very most, to connect with you guys! I get to hear what is on your hearts, to share your stories, to connect with you and to watch you connect with others too. I love love love the way when we share with each other with honesty and vulnerability we discover just how connected we all are. We truly are not alone in our challenges, and we are also not alone in our dreams sweet friends!
SO! Are you ready!??? Make sure you are following me on Instagram/Facebook and that you are also getting my newsletter so you don’t miss the big announcement when we kick things off next week! And, if you know your 2019 word, head over to THIS right now post on my Instagram feed so you can get your name on the top of my to-be-lettered list!
PS – if you are super curious about what it looked like last year, just check out the hashtag #handletteredwordoftheyear2018 to see what I’m talking about!