Who else is feeling that funky uninspired, unable to make ANYTHING kinda feeling??? Sometimes I blame it on the season: Summertime? Busy holidays? Start of the year, end of the year…. Really any season will do here!

I am finding as I look at my own creative practice that the problem a lot of time isn’t actually time… it is easy to think you are too busy to sit and create, but realistically when was the last time any of us have spent 30 minutes going down the Facebook rabbit hole or watching something we absolutely didn’t care about on tv… 

Sometimes I think the real issue we have to face is that we are feeling unable to practice art, blocked creatively, over busy and overbooked because we have SERIOUSLY over-complicated the matter of creating. We have all these rules, all these systems, all these crazy pre-requisites we have given ourselves that make just making SO SO much harder.

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In my creative workshop, Fearless Art, we spend the first 2 weeks talking about just STARTING, and I honestly truly believe that the best first step you can take on that path is to just make it WAY less complicated. The first step is to focus for a little bit, sweet friends, on FUN!

Why do we always have to have a “serious plan” to create something? Why do we have all this pressure we put on ourselves, whatever happened to the days of sitting down at your play-school-plastic drawing table and just going to town with a bright yellow crayon?

I think we all could really benefit our creative practice in a serious way if we would just allow ourselves to PLAY!

The funny thing I’m finding though, is that as grownups we have so many roadblocks around this idea? What is play, what are we allowed to do, how can we just make when we don’t have a bullet point plan set out???

Well, I just have to tell you here and now, that the only way to break down the barriers between you and creative fun, is just to start practicing having fun! They always say “practice makes perfect” when talking about improving skills – and this isn’t just when it comes to your hand lettering or your ability to draw a straight line – it also works with having fun – everything we do uses a muscle of sorts, and once upon a time we were all BUILT when it came to our play-muscles…

So my challenge to you is to start hitting the gym again – the play gym ;).  Chances are if you are feeling burnt out and uninspired, it is because you aren’t having enough FUN in your creative practice, and that will never do! I dare you to start treating your creative time as a play date. Take a little break from serious and start scribbling again! You will be amazed at what it does to your mojo – not to mention how incredibly powerful it is for your brain to have a regular creative habit!

Feeling a little uncertain exactly how to play!? I have put together for you a worksheet with loads of fun and unique ideas to pull from. Once you get started I have a feeling you won’t even want to stop!

If you are feeling at all lost, I think these ideas will truly help!

I am SO excited to see what you do with these, sweet friends! I hope you enjoy them and if you use them I would LOVE it if you would share! 

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Creative Playdate Ideas

Whatever you are at in your art, don’t give up on your creative practice, don’t forget that you have SO MUCH inside that heart of yours to bring the world, and you CAN make a tremendous difference, just by taking the time to have a little creative fun!

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