So my mom and I were talking the other day about the creative process, and I was telling her about this funny graphic I found on pinterest one time – well this week I started searching and found something on Pinterest but the images I found were all teeny tiny and not up to my rigorous blog standards (LOL) So in the spirit of being obsessive, neurotic, and infinitely distractable, I put together my own image:

The Creative Process

This was not my original idea/quote, but I just love it. It is funny in “a funny because it’s true” sort of way.  This isn’t the sort of process that I think is going to be exclusive to digital artists, or graphic designers, or traditional art – my mom was talking about the cycle she always goes through when trying a fun new recipe in the kitchen. It can be true for so many things that involve putting your self out there and “creating” something new.

I think the thing about being creative and setting out to really make something, you have to be ready to feel unsure. Really, creativity = trying something new = insecurity, but also it equals making something original and special. Personally, I’ll always suffer through the low part of the creative cycle if it means coming through to the other side having made something that I really do believe is awesome 🙂

<3 Shawna