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About This Episode:

In this special episode of Fearless with Shawna Clingerman: all about my faith, my heart, and why I chose to step down from designing bible journaling products for Illustrated Faith.

My intention with this podcast is NOT to talk about Faith, so this is a rare episode…

I've learned that sometimes when we talk about the hard things in a faith based space: the things that we're sure other people are going to reject us for...…however, so many of my customers have been asking about this subject – so we are going to take a little break from our regular format to talk about my heart for you, my heart for my faith, and my intentions as a business owner and as a human being as far as all of the above is concerned. 

Please note, this episode talks about being a “bonus Friday episode”, but due to getting knocked out by a spring cold – this episode is releasing as a regular episode on our Tuesday release cycle.

Although I don’t have a lot of notes to share here, I absolutely encourage you to tune in as I share my heart in this totally candid episode.

  • I will share some of the amazing gifts my time at Illustrated Faith brought me.
  • I will explain why I felt in my heart it was time to step away from designing specifically for the bible journaling.
  • I will also share a little bit about my faith, and what I want it to look like in my everyday life.

I’ve learned that sometimes when we talk about the hard things in a faith based space: the things that we’re sure other people are going to reject us for… what ends up happening is that we create space for other people that feel unseen, and unloved, and scared. Just like I did.

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  • Click on the image above if you would like to read through the Instagram Post I mentioned in today’s episode – all about how meaningful my time was at Illustrated Faith.

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