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About This Episode:

In episode 3 of the Fearless with Shawna Clingerman podcast, we’re going to talk all about The 100 Day Project, recurring creative practices – and how to create regularly in a way that actually serves YOU.

In this episode we will cover:

  • What exactly is the 100 Day Project???
  • Why I love daily and reoccurring creative practices  
  • Why I DON’T love daily and reoccurring creative practices
  • What reoccurring creative practices have been most meaningful for me

Here is a photo from my Instagram back in 2017 when I did my first 100 Days Project: 100 Days of Watercolor –

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Most importantly, in this episode, we talk about setting yourself up for success and allowing creativity to feel like play…

Fearless Podcast 03 100 Day Project with Shawna Clingerman

Focusing on the importance of the following:

  • setting reasonable goals
  • creating space in your calendar
  • AND why it matters to share, share, share your work!

In the end, what matters most for you, is what matters to YOU:

The more you show up for something you’ve promised to do, the more you build self trust, and self trust is key.

Remember, friend, you have permission to set your own rules:

There’s no reason you have to do something the way everyone else does it, instead, decide to do something because it serves YOU!

Next Steps:

Ok, it’s your turn! Listen through today’s episode and then let me know what you discover about yourself when you tackle my very first challenge for you: 

Start looking for your own regular practice to build creativity and self-trust!

After you listen I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a review over on iTunes, or leave a comment on my social media posts on Instagram or Facebook –  I’d love to hear your thoughts, insights, and see any permission slips you have to share!

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