Lettering friends! Have you ever wondered, “how exactly do you write the letter _”  when working on your hand-lettering practice??

Well, I know I HAVE, as have so many of my clients! So it is for all of YOU, that I have put together this handy little printable “Hand-Lettering Reference Sheet”.

The idea behind this free printable is that you can print it out and then use it to help you remember how to write each letter as you are practicing away over there! Now, any time you are wondering how do I hand-letter that letter again??? You can simply look at this little cheat sheet and I will help you out!

Free Printable Handlettering Reference Sheet

This printable PDF is sized to fit easily on a letter-sized sheet of paper – and it is created high resolution, with margins that allow you to crop it to an 8×10 and frame it for your wall as alphabet art if you would like!

Free Printable Handlettering Reference Sheet

Here are a few ideas for how you could use this printable in your lettering practice:

  • Hang it on your wall so that you can familiarize yourself with the letterforms any time you look up – plus, it’s kinda cute if I might say so myself!
  • Put it in your lettering workbook or bullet journal as a reference page!
  • Get out a sheet of tracing paper and trace any problem letters you are struggling to figure out, it is also includes lettering connections to give you some ideas for your own lettering play!
  • Use it as a crafty tool, cute out the letters, use it as a background paper or pattern, feel free to get creative with this!
  • Print it out and then trace or use it as inspiration for creating your own little hand-lettered alphabet art piece!
  • You could even save it to your phone if you would like so that you always have it on hand!

As long as you are using it for your personal use you can put it to use however you please!!! (simply meaning, please do not re-distribute, re-sell or us it to create any items for sale.)

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I am so looking forward to sharing more, but until then, have some fun with this free gift! AND please if you do use it in your work PLEASE tag me over on Instagram (@shawnaclingerman), or post over in my free Facebook Group so that I can see how this tool is working for you!!!

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Enjoy Friends!

heart shawna