Ok all! The store is live and the contest is closed! Will post a winner shortly!

Hi all! Super excited to be posting this Friday fix for you on a Thursday night!!!

This week I went a bit crazy and decided to go for some FLOWERS for a  pretty Springy kit.  Last week Tennyson took me by the hand and took me outside and pointed at the blossoming tree in our drive way – “Look mom! It’s a sign of SPRING!” …and there the kit was born…

Can’t wait to go live with the full thing, but for now this peek is all you get!


I spy my not-so-secret favorite color in there, PINK!

I also am excited about another little set of goodies I have coming out – here is the peek:


(Yes, that is a FACEBOOK timeline cover photo made with photos and journal cards! I’m really excited about these!)

So, Friday night you will get to see these goodies in the shop, but in the meantime – comment away for your chance to win my kit – and let me know, are you ready for spring???

As always, for an extra chance to win, share/pin/tweet a link to this post and leave me an extra comment with a link to each share!

Ok all! The store is live and the contest is closed! Will post a winner shortly!