Just wanted to share some of the crafts I did a few years ago that I sold at a local bazaar – I hope to do a few tutorials for these here on my blog in the future!

The biggest project (and most time consuming!) were these:


When I had a zillion paint chips left over from my living room painting project, I had this thought that it was such a waste to put all of those beautiful colors on that high quality paper into the trash – I’m not sure exactly what spurred the idea in my brain, but I started thinking that they would make beautiful rolled flowers –  after I piled them up, I realized they would be the perfect decoration for my living room, so I hot glued them to a simple little wreath, and I just LOVED what I ended up with.  This year, I started collecting paint samples, from around my house, from all my friends, and from the local hardware store just a few times.  Then i spent hour after hour, cutting them in to spirals and rolling them up – i brought piles of paint chips to soccer practice and cut my little heart out – then I became bff with my glue gun as I carefully glued them together – I should have counted how many roses I ended up with, but it was well into the hundreds I’m sure!

After they were made, I used some pretty wicker and grapevine wreaths that I picked up at the dollar store, and clustered my little roses to make some perfectly adorable little wreaths!

reece-party-011-copy reece-party-010-copy reece-party-003-copy reece-party-002-copy


When I ran out of paint chips I still couldn’t bear to stop, so I have one I made out of an old roll of wallpaper my mom gave me forever ago, and one from an Ikea catalog. I am planning to do one with a book of maps and a vintage book as soon as I can!  These are so addicting to me, if I could, I would cut up everything I can get my hands on and roll it up into a flower!

I also made some “kissing ball” ornaments with rolled scrapbooking paper:


I adore these so much! I’ve made some for gifts for Christmas over the past few years, but wow are these time consuming!

I also had the urge to cut up a self magazine when I was at yet another soccer practice (reason #559 to keep a pair of craft scissors in the van) – I turned it into these.



Here is the idea I had to make for teacher gifts – this is going to be another future tutorial around here 🙂


They each velcro closed and hold a gift card inside – they were a big hit at the bazaar!

I also wanted to make more pomander type ornaments, so I tried this idea – with cupcake papers, it was a little bit less time consuming and I adore the result – although you would be surprised, it takes a TON of cupcake liners – I need to go do some stocking up for my next ones, I’ll share the step by step for these then too:



Here are a few more pics of the ornaments –





Oh! And i don’t want to forget these!  Inspired by several different crafters on Pinterest, I decided to buy a roll of jewelry wire and some assorted glass beads to try my hand at wire wrapping.  Those little birds nests are also incredibly addicting!  I am in love with these, and ended up with over 20 necklaces to sell, I only stopped because I kept running out of chains!



To make them stand out in the crowd, I made a bunch of little tiny paper boxes and had the customer chose one so that i could put the necklace on some batting inside and tied it up with a little bow. Super cute crafty gift!!



I also made a few sets of handmade cards using some of my own digital designs –




I was SO proud when I set it all out at the bazaar:

bazaar-055-copy   bazaar-050-copy bazaar-049-copy  bazaar-010-copy

It was an amazing time, sort of like a gallery show or something to me, it was a wonderful feeling to be sharing my “art” with the world.  I sold pretty well too! People loved the wreaths and I almost sold them all, like I mentioned the post its were a hit, they sold out pretty quickly, and my necklaces found a few new homes too!

I’m completely hooked!  I am taking this year off from bazaars, but I mess it! Next year I am absolutely going to sell again!!