Hi everyone!! I hope you have been enjoying the awesome posts from my creative team! I know I’ve been totally inspired by them! Today is “Wonderful Life Wednesday” here on the blog and so I get to take a wee little break from scrappy business to share a little snip of my everyday life. This week I just want to introduce you to my beautiful new baby:



We found this piano on craigslist and were lucky enough to have received some money for Christmas that we could spend on it.  I grew up with a piano in my home and I have a million memories from way back of just hearing my did sit down at the piano and play (he is amazing!).

We have always said when we were in a bigger house we will get a piano, and I have been so excited that we were able to move to a home with the space for it.  I knew I missed being able to sit down and plunk out chords any time I wanted to, but I really really did not realize just how much!

I have been telling myself that the piano was for the boys – I want them to be able to play around with it, Gareth has a real ear for music and he has been begging for one! After bringing it home though, I can see that more than anything, I needed it for ME.  I love to be able to sit down an make my own music, there is something so cathartic about it – and I am not above singing a song or two at the top of my lungs while I play when I’m home alone!! It is such a freeing, creative muse for me.

I am finding this is just what I need when I feel like my creativity is stalling out in the design department, a new avenue of creativity to fuel me 🙂 I love my new piano dearly <3.

Thank you to my awesome husband for finding it and making it happen for me! I am blessed.

<3 Shawna