Today was a lovely Mother’s Day – my husband and my boys always spoil me, and this year they did so by working on my home with me for hours! We have a HUGE stack of laminate floors we found on Craigslist to install, but before we do so we must prep the floor, and, long story but it is turning out to be a HUGE job! The guys were awesome help though and I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It is amazing seeing my boys grow up, and being in this new place in life where they are actually big enough to really HELP with actual jobs. I couldn’t be more proud, or more in love with these 5 guys I share a house with! (4 sons + 1 husband = 5, look at me doing math over here!)

We took a few mother’s day pics, a tradition I started a while back, and they are always so sweet and try so hard to be good and smile sweetly, especially now that they are older and they know what it means to me <3<3<3




They are really just getting so big!  Look at Gareth on the left! That kid is significantly taller than I am at this point, crazy (not really THAT crazy though, considering I’m a shorty… Owen is not that far behind him!)

While thinking about how much I love our mother’s day photos and how big they have gotten I started digging… I’m super excited too because I managed to find pictures going all the way back to 2007!!

Here’s 2014 (yes, I am wearing the same dress, what can I say… it’s a cute dress!)


In 2013, I’m not in the photo, but our awesome burgundy door is! This was right after we signed on our new house – best mother’s day gift ever!


2012 what a difference a few years makes!


2011 – they were super squirrelly here, clearly….


2010 – we took a mommy’s day trip to the coast this year!


2009 – I made a little photo strip for my blog – these photos crack me up!


and 2008 – baby tennyson was sleeping at the restaurant – only a crazy person would have messed with that!


Finally 2007 – pretty sure this was the first “annual mother’s day” photo we took: Gareth was almost 7, Owen was 4, and Reece was 2 and a half <3


How fun is that??? It is so fun to watch them get bigger each photo! Every year I look at them and think, I am SO blessed! I am a lucky mommy to have 4 sweet, kind, awesome boys in my life and a husband that taught them everything they know 🙂 Life is good. Also, I just love the various stages of shaggy hair we have going on – that is the Clingerman way, we just wait until the hair cutting is absolutely necessary!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there, I hope you were showered with love (or spoiling the mom in your life)! Thanks for taking a little stroll down memory lane with me!

<3 Shawna