So many good things to share with you this week, I just want to get right to it… after a Happy Saturday! It is almost Spring time! Yay!

Lucky in Love is synonymous with Lucky in Family! A Happy Family: Feelin’ Lucky is the third installment for A Happy Family Series from Traci Reed and I. In rainy spring colors, sprinkled with purples and greens, and infused with love, Feelin’ Lucky takes a look at bonding with the family with a charmed perspective. Those moments when you silently tell yourself, I’m lucky to have them in my life… Those are the Feelin’ Lucky moments of great family life to cherish and enjoy.

Feeling Lucky kit

Feeling Lucky Cards

Feeling Lucky CT Layouts

layouts by Angie, Jenn, cmkb396, Gemma, Carrie, and Jen.

Next is a simple solution to diving into Project Life!! This coordinating set of pocket cards are a fun and simple way to start your next pocket spread. If you’re doing it digi or hybriding it up, this Life Basics – Photobooth Starter Set is just what you need. These vintage colors with fun “photo centered” designs will add the perfect touch to your project. The cards come in 4 sizes – 3×4, 4×3, 4×6, and 6×4. They are saved as individual jpegs and collected into easy-to-print PDFs. The card designs include “I <3 this person”, “smile” bingo card design, “fabulo{us}”, “photo booth 25 cents”, “life in real color”, “insta-dorable”, “be you”, “looking good”, “picture perfect”, ampersand, hearts, speech bubble, arrow, rich plaid patterns, vintage wordy patterns, mustaches, glasses, plus cards for titles and plenty of cards for journaling! This starter kit includes 96 different coordinating cards to help you get started! Cards are in 4×6, 6×4, 4×3 and 3×4 sizes and each card is also included on a simple printable pdf file so that all you really have to do is open, print and cut! You’ll be ready to go with the basics you need to start your pocket album!


The above collection coordinates with Happy Snaps, so you can grab the kit if you do not have it and add more to the cards in your Project Life spread if you want to do so!


I know that’s a lot so I will leave you to contemplate it… and/or go purchase it all! Enjoy!