Hi there! I’m Shawna ❤

I am a freelance graphic artist, hand-letterer, and illustrator with a passion for finding that place where art meets heart!

I love people. I love drawing on my iPad. I love watercolor lettering. And I LOVE that you are here!

I’ve done work with lots of awesome brands, including: Becky Higgins and American Crafts, Photo Play Paper, Illustrated Faith, Catherine Pooler Designs, Paper House Productions, and more!

I’d love to work with you! Let’s connect!

This is me

My Mental Health Story Day 7 – Living

Recovery doesn't happen in a straight line. This is what they told us at the outpatient treatment I went through after being released from the hospital. They drew this swirly line... one loop d loop after another on the board... and I had no idea then exactly what it...

My Mental Health Story Day 6 – Hospitalization

Today, I am going to talk about something that I notice a lot of people get squirmy about.... There is something about being in a psychiatric inpatient hospital that makes people anxious... I think it is a lot of it is some of the preconceived ideas that I shared...

My Mental Health Story Day 5 – Emergency

Why don't we talk more about hospitalization??? I'm not talking about for surgeries or broken bones, I'm talking about psychiatric inpatient care. I held SO much fear over the idea of being hospitalized. I had in my head, ideas of straight jackets and locked hard...