Hi there! I’m Shawna ❤

I am a freelance graphic artist, hand-letterer, and illustrator with a passion for finding that place where art meets heart!

I love people. I love drawing on my iPad. I love watercolor lettering. And I LOVE that you are here!

I’ve done work with lots of awesome brands, including: Becky Higgins and American Crafts, Photo Play Paper, Illustrated Faith, Catherine Pooler Designs, Paper House Productions, and more!

I’d love to work with you! Let’s connect!

This is me

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Surrounding Yourself with YOUR Word of the Year

Friends as we embark on the new year over here I'm so excited to share some more with you about how to order a product with your own personalized word of the year! ❤️   I put together this little video to walk you through everything I have to offer AND to share some...

My Word of the Year Journey

Today I want to take a second to talk a little about WHY picking a word of the year is so powerful.   I'm on day 18 over here of sharing people's stories I for their 2019 words, and maybe you are wondering... WHY?? What's the big deal? What does it matter? Why do you...